Exploring ASP.NET “Atlas” and Web 2.0 : from Appdev

September 25, 2006

You can get a free CD from Appdev on their latest addition “Exploring ASP.NET “Atlas” and Web 2.0″. This CD might not contain the full training video, but a brief introduction.

The sad part is Sri Lanka is not included in the list of shippable countries. So you can also register and try downloading this intro session video along with many more titles. But if you really want the CD, why not ship it to someone who will be soon visiting you from another country. 🙂

Check it out: http://www.appdev.com/promo/SN00009


“ATLAS”: Roadmap hinted by Scott Guthrie

September 12, 2006

We are as excited as Scott Guthrie who writes about the release of a fully supported “Atlas” ver:1.0 by the end of the year, which will gladly run on Visual Studio 2005, as opposed to speculation that the product would be made available only in the next release of Visual Studio. So now its time to wait for a Beta first and then the RC.

Check out Scott’s post on the Atlas roadmap.

A Survey about open source AJAX Toolkits

September 8, 2006

Here are some open source AJAX Toolkits, listed and reviewed by Peter Wayner on Info World. This list includes innovat like Microsoft Atlas and other libraries like Yahoo, Dojo and Open Rico.

Interesting…. Check it out: http://www.infoworld.com/article/06/07/31/31FEajax_1.html

Vista RC1 Out (as Build 5600)

September 4, 2006

So… Windows Vista (Build 5600) is now available in the form of Release Candidate 1 on connect.
And if you know what RC1 means.. hmmm. Its almost what you’ll see in the final product.
And guess whats releasing together with it?

*tadaaa* ….
The .NET Framework 3.0 components: .NET Framework 3.0 RC1, Windows SDK RC1 & Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation RC5

Now I can do nothing but just laugh at those who think .NET 3.0 will take ages to come. World… get ready for the revolution. WPF, WCF, and WF. Or is there more to it?

Anyway, I just started the download on connect. And maybe in another 2 days, I will have the DVD image ready to burn. But wait a minute.. Where’s the hardware to run Vista? *sob* *sob*