AJAX made peanuts with ASP.NET Atlas

October 5, 2006

It was a very short session yesterday when I presented the quick move into “ASP.NET Atlas” now “ASP.NET AJAX” at the Sri Lanka .NET User Group Meeting. Another packed house, with people standing out to get a glimpse of the 2 scheduled sessions. Merill’s “Introduction to .NET 3.0” was a great (and long 🙂 session, cutting my allocated time down drastically. As I said it is tough to controll the enthusiasm when we present on new and exciting technology.

My session titled “ASP.NET Atlas : AJAX made peanuts” is easily a 2 hour presentation, I prepared for the Microsoft Sri Lanka’s ISV (Independant Software Vendors) session, which I did last week. But with only 15 minutes left yesterday, all I could do was quickly introduce and show how to transform existing ASP.NET applications to enable AJAX functions, with the aim of “not dissapointing” those who came to know all about Atlas. Anyway, my full session was carried forward for the next meeting by demand.