Testing in cross browsers simultaneously

January 26, 2007

So its this new project that we are about to kick off. And we’ve decided to go with IE7 and Firefox 2.0 as the target browsers.

Now this becomes a tricky situation to check each and every page in both browsers. But no worries, firefox has a cool add-on, which can open a new tab but in “IE” mode. ow I still have no idea which version of IE this is. But still when you right click on any link in FF2.0, you see an option “Open Link in IE Tab” and boom… you see a new IE Tab with the contents of the link you clicked.

IE Tab: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1419/

Wait, what if you are inside this IE Tab in Firefox and you want to go back to view that page in FireFox? No Worries… There is another add-on which will give you a new option to “View same page in Firefox”, while you are in an IE Tab.
Now this works both for pages opened purely in IE, as well as IE Tabs inside FireFox.

FireFox View:


ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 shipped. Hooray!

January 25, 2007

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, anticipating that all the pain with various versions of ASP.NET AJAX co-existing in my machine, is over. Full-stop!. I hope many others went through this trauma of conflicts too.

But as early adopters, here’s something we can be proud of…… ASP.NET AJAX v1.0 was shipped on 23rd of January 2007. http://weblogs.asp.net/bleroy/archive/2007/01/23/we-shipped.aspx

Now in my case, co-incidently, I got a new PC at office along with the new Mega Project that we are about to begin next month. So from now, only the shiney new AJAX v1.0 will exist in my machine. I just downloaded it (extensions) along with the Futures and Control Toolkit. Still have not checked what it looks like and hopefully, I might find sometime for it, while in Stockholm throughout the next week.

As usual you know where to get it from : http://ajax.asp.net

Happy AJAX’ing!

Hotmail goes upto 1000MB. And me…. back to Stockholm!

January 18, 2007

It came by as a suprise. I remember writing to Microsoft some time back about the boring capacity of my inbox in Hotmail. But I was stunned a while ago, when I logged-in to check my mail I noticed that my used space has become 1%. And then reading along the line, tadaaa….. I see that it was 1% of 1000BM. Hmmm. Not bad at all.

At the meantime, this morning, I was just getting ready to apply for the visa, to get myself back to Sweden. Man! Its winter. And I keep recalling the 3 months, I spent in winter last year, pretty much the same time. Nice to have Jinath joining us too, this time. But I’m still confused trying to figure out how I landed in Stockholm on the 28th of Jan last year and this time too, it happens to be 28th of Jan. But what’s disheartening is…. that I’ve been missing my Birthday with my family for the 2nd year in a row.

Anyone for a Hot Apple Pie?

January 12, 2007

Well, I’m not yet thinking of changing my phone this fast. But I think I should do a shout for the Apple’s iPhone. Looks nice, sleeky and loaded with stuff. But, I think its still not upto mark as far as I’m concerned, specially with the not-so-good experience I have with my iPod Nano. Its surely not feature-great. I hate not being able to Play a single Album, shuffled. When you put your iPod on Shuffle mode, it shuffles through all the Albums. Ultimately I think its a big-time Mood-Screwer! Now I have no idea if Apple is even considering giving their users a stick-to-a-mood experience with its iPhone.

But I know that they have still not sorted out their row with Cisco, who released a VoIP phone trademarked ‘iPhone’ quite sometime back. So way to go people. When this phone hits the market, you never know. It even might be branded as “hot Apple Pie”

Take a closer look at it on YouTube if you like.

Well! another year gone by…

January 2, 2007

Its been another pretty awesome year. 2006.  Lots of ups and downs. But truly an amazing year. God continued His abundant blessings on me. One thing I can assure anyone is, when you commit your life to Jesus, there’s no stopping in being blessed. I kept getting even more than what I deserve. And there’s no doubt this year is an even better one.

Out of all my Christmas gifts last year, I love my shiny new I-Mate PDAL, with Windows Mobile 2005 and is the latest of all iMates as at now. I love this because I didn’t pay anything for it. How nice… Thanks to my BIL, Janice, who thought it might come handy to me. More on it later.