Sainthood & Answered Prayers

February 23, 2007

I respect all those who are being beautified and made saints, cos they lived an excellent life and helped everyone without being selective.

A while ago I got this funny SMS saying that Mother Theresa is going to be made a saint at 3.00pm and that we should pray to her to have a our petitions granted. And to send that SMS to 5 others. Cool. I wish having prayers answered was that easy…..

But I replied saying that even if she was not made a saint, we would have got our petitions granted. Cos, we were created as God’s children long before time. Even before Mother Theresa thought of serving the needy. And its each and everyone’s right, that Jesus won for us. So remember the next time you do something nice from the bottom of your heart. You can be a saint too!


An unforgettable February 14th

February 15, 2007

It was an unforgettable Valentines Day this year (2007) for me, as I started to hum the Niel Diamond tune “Coming to America”

On the 21st of September 2005, a consular officer of the U.S. Embassy in Colombo, rejected my Visa Application to visit the US, for the Global MVP Summit in Seattle.

And on 14th February 2007, this gorgeous consular officer (despite the other dude who rejected us, also being there at the embassy at that time) even though she was as stern as any Visa Officer, was nice enough to stamp a 1 year multiple-entry U.S Visa on my poor passport.

So very soon, it will be time to get ready to pack, to leave to the U.S (well for just 1 week) on 11th March 2007, along with the other happy MVPs (Merill, Prasanna, Jinath, Dinesh and hopefully Fiqri).

Microsoft 2007 Global MVP Summit…. here we come!

Wow’ed by the Blu-ray

February 15, 2007

So….. Its been a year or two, since I first came across what “Blu-ray” could be. And being at the Vista, Office, Exchange Sri Lankan launch today, the AMD presentation reminded me about it again.

When I first started using a computer in 1987 (the Sinclair machines while in Grade 6 in School), I remember carrying a cassette tape to school once a week, to record (as we called it then) the code of the ‘Basic’ programs we did at the computer lesson. Right. DOS was the OS then. And a year later I was a proud owner of a 5.x” floppy disc. As years went by and I started at my 1st job (in 1994), assembling PCs, the 1.4” Floppy was the hit. And 13 years from then, we passed the CD era, and then to the DVD age now, which is almost dying. Funny as it seems, in reality today, a floppy disc is more expensive than a CD or DVD..

Enter Blu-ray! Developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association Taking a look at the entry level disc, its going to be basically 25 GB (in single layer) and 50 GB (in dual layer), with a read speed of 36Mb per second in a 1x disc & 72Mb/s for a 2x.

Well this is definitely what the High Definition TV/Video age is going to use!

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