Sri Lanka cruises into the Cricket World Cup 2007 Finals

April 25, 2007

Well its 3.16 a.m. now. And Sri Lanka finally did it, crusin splendidly into the Finals of the Cricket World Cup 2007.

It wasn’t that easy as one anticipated to break that final partnership of that New Zealand innings. But nevertheless it worked out like butter on a hot sunny day. Am I sounding like Ranjith Fernando? No way!

Well done boys. Next is most probably to beat the crap out of the Aussies at the Final.


Welcome…. WPF/e is now Silverlight

April 20, 2007

Oh Yes. After some time surfacing as what it was called “WPF/e” [e for Everywhere], its now officially renamed, “Silverlight”

Silverlight is the cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences on the Web. It surely supports Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer running on the Mac or on Windows.

Remember F.l.a.s.h? he hee….  I’ll tell you this will be greater!

You will need to get to know some WPF stuff for this. And using the Express Studio (Design & Blend) you are sure to design that super user experience Silverlight has to offer. Its all part of the .NET 3.0 generation.

Get to the Silverlight (formerly WPF/E) Dev Centre to start looking at it right now.

sqlserveruniverse kicks off today

April 5, 2007

Well. Its been a long felt need, to have a Forum & User Group dedicated for SQL Server in Sri Lanka. And our man, Dinesh the SQL Server MVP has done it. And the very 1st User Group meeting of sqlserveruniverse will be held today at the Microsoft Sri Lanka office at WTC in Colombo.

Cheers to the guys running and also all the members of the forum. Now you know where to go to solve your stuff on the world of SQL.

Expression to be on MSDN. **Wow**

April 4, 2007

Well, as a developer and being a part of the Microsoft family, one thing I cherish most is the the fact that Microsoft listens to our feedback awesomely well. And proving it right, this morning we heard another one of our very special requests (made by many in the MVP community) being fulfilled by Microsoft, by having the Expression Tools made available for MSDN subscribers.

Thanks to Soma, who has always been a close friend of the MVP community and rest of the dudes involved with Expression, we get to experience the tools of the future that would replace our line up of applications by the giants in the likes of Adobe and Macromedia…. in a bid to make WPF/e the de-facto of animations and ‘out-of-the-world user experiences’ on the web.

The breaking news on Soma’s Blog.

Mozy: your online storage

April 1, 2007

So you are one of those who carry your important files in your thumb (flash) drive right? Why not store it online instead and download it from wherever you want? Or you can just carry only the little mozy installer with you in your flash drive. The rest of your files will stay secure online.

And all this with upto 2GB of storage for FREE. Get it today from:

Thanks to Merill for his post on Mozy…..