Team SARA wins Imagine Cup Sri Lanka 2007. Off to Korea!

Another gala Sri Lankan Imagine Cup Finals just ended a while ago at the Galadari Hotel where the University of Moratuwa proudly celebrated the victory of one of their teams the Software design category and will now start to prepare to make it to Seoul Korea to attend the World Finals of the Imagine Cup 2007 from August 5 ~ 11, while the team ‘TEAR’ (from the University of Colombo) won for in the short film category for their “little girl” movie.

The team ‘SARA’ (from the Faculty of Information Technology @ UoM) won for their application “ISECED” and this ultimately happened to be the team that I mentored. Well, I felt really good to see them win and I recalled those instances they had alarm bells ringing in their heads 🙂 Nevertheless they put up a great effort to achieve this success and I’m sure they’ll need to put in much more from now, along with quite some brushing up of their presentation if they are to make a good mark in Korea.

So the great challenge has just begun for this team and *wink* I have already requested them to take a nice break and then meet up to get ready to face the next level.

icup-winners.jpg imaginecup_sl_finalists.jpg

Congratulations Team Sara!


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