Comparing POC vs Prototype

May 29, 2008

I was recently in the middle of a conversation, when suddenly a giggle from a colleague silenced me and made me think if I said something wrong. Probing, I figured out that the term “POC” seems to sound strange to some. Even though I clearly knew when & why I used this term whenever I wanted, I thought it would be really helpful to distinguish between the term “POC” against the similars like “Prototype” and “Pilot” and when & why such exercises should be carried out.

I came across just the explanation I was looking for thanks to Seth @ Content Here!


Mesh Up with Live Mesh

May 24, 2008

Being a keen Logmein user, I have pulled off so many moments which otherwise would have ended up in chaos. From Stockholm, showing my wife how to create a playlist of her favourite songs in my home-PC, re-installing the drivers of the webcam which suddenly stopped working in the middle of a chat with my family. The list can be quite long.

But when I saw a demo of Microsoft’s Live mesh, boy oh boy, this I’m sure looks a serious threat to my logmein usage. I just signed up through Microsoft Connect to do a tech preview of Live Mesh, which is still U.S only. Waiting for an invitation.

Its amazing to be able to have uptodate sync’d files/folders across all computers you use and to be access them from anywhere through the web. It also has a great sense of security giving more control over what is shared even upto individual user levels.

Here’s more info at

And the video…