Expression to be on MSDN. **Wow**

April 4, 2007

Well, as a developer and being a part of the Microsoft family, one thing I cherish most is the the fact that Microsoft listens to our feedback awesomely well. And proving it right, this morning we heard another one of our very special requests (made by many in the MVP community) being fulfilled by Microsoft, by having the Expression Tools made available for MSDN subscribers.

Thanks to Soma, who has always been a close friend of the MVP community and rest of the dudes involved with Expression, we get to experience the tools of the future that would replace our line up of applications by the giants in the likes of Adobe and Macromedia…. in a bid to make WPF/e the de-facto of animations and ‘out-of-the-world user experiences’ on the web.

The breaking news on Soma’s Blog.


An unforgettable February 14th

February 15, 2007

It was an unforgettable Valentines Day this year (2007) for me, as I started to hum the Niel Diamond tune “Coming to America”

On the 21st of September 2005, a consular officer of the U.S. Embassy in Colombo, rejected my Visa Application to visit the US, for the Global MVP Summit in Seattle.

And on 14th February 2007, this gorgeous consular officer (despite the other dude who rejected us, also being there at the embassy at that time) even though she was as stern as any Visa Officer, was nice enough to stamp a 1 year multiple-entry U.S Visa on my poor passport.

So very soon, it will be time to get ready to pack, to leave to the U.S (well for just 1 week) on 11th March 2007, along with the other happy MVPs (Merill, Prasanna, Jinath, Dinesh and hopefully Fiqri).

Microsoft 2007 Global MVP Summit…. here we come!