Wasting Time……

May 19, 2008

This thought actually hit me when I was on Wela’s Blog. It surely proves to be a total waste of time.

To start with, I was just thinking about my daily routine and one of the top 5 first things I do in a given day includes taking a stroll down facebook before starting work. My wife has also hinted so many times that I eat up quality time by being on facebook. Well, in some sense, facebook is awesome. It keeps all those people whom you’d otherwise bump into, only in years (or even decades) connected to you. Apart from that we also see a whole load of them throwing cows at each other, poking, stalking other’s lifestyles, playing various absurd games, adding photos and tagging, viewing others’ friend’s & photos, searching for friends who have never used a computer before, adding people as friends even if you have only seen them just once in your life. Its altogether a social kick I would say and we end up doing all these for hours at the cost of other official work.

Not that its all bad. But coming to think of the heaps of time that is being wasted is pathetic. I know in my case and also from people around me both at work and outside…. that easily at least 1~2 hours of productive work time is wasted on Facebook, Hi5 and other social networking sites. Its funny when the staff in turn tell their bosses that the time estimated/allocated is not enough to complete assignments. Despite the need to attend to various other personal commitments doing working hours, they also now expect the company to allocate time for them to hang out on Facebook. LOL!

Loads of companies have already done it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest will also very soon deal with this trying to curb this damage to company resources, by blocking these sites and making it a company policy just like banning porn. So facebook will also very soon join the Banned Bandwagon in offices, who pay their employees to be effecient and not idle. Just like any other benefit, even Facebook if misused can become a pain to an organization.

Some nice articles that I was reading on this topic. I like the one which introduces a new feature in Facebook. “The SLAP”.. just like poking, the company can SLAP you on facebook when you get caught wasting time. LOL!



Sainthood & Answered Prayers

February 23, 2007

I respect all those who are being beautified and made saints, cos they lived an excellent life and helped everyone without being selective.

A while ago I got this funny SMS saying that Mother Theresa is going to be made a saint at 3.00pm and that we should pray to her to have a our petitions granted. And to send that SMS to 5 others. Cool. I wish having prayers answered was that easy…..

But I replied saying that even if she was not made a saint, we would have got our petitions granted. Cos, we were created as God’s children long before time. Even before Mother Theresa thought of serving the needy. And its each and everyone’s right, that Jesus won for us. So remember the next time you do something nice from the bottom of your heart. You can be a saint too!

Hotmail goes upto 1000MB. And me…. back to Stockholm!

January 18, 2007

It came by as a suprise. I remember writing to Microsoft some time back about the boring capacity of my inbox in Hotmail. But I was stunned a while ago, when I logged-in to check my mail I noticed that my used space has become 1%. And then reading along the line, tadaaa….. I see that it was 1% of 1000BM. Hmmm. Not bad at all.

At the meantime, this morning, I was just getting ready to apply for the visa, to get myself back to Sweden. Man! Its winter. And I keep recalling the 3 months, I spent in winter last year, pretty much the same time. Nice to have Jinath joining us too, this time. But I’m still confused trying to figure out how I landed in Stockholm on the 28th of Jan last year and this time too, it happens to be 28th of Jan. But what’s disheartening is…. that I’ve been missing my Birthday with my family for the 2nd year in a row.

Welcome a.k.a Hello World!

August 16, 2006

You guessed it right. Jinath moved his blog out of weblogs.us and into WordPress and somebody had to follow. In fact I was in doubt too, with the constant downtimes of the admin page at weblogs.us. Its a pity they are being spammed eternally. They were doing a neat job until now.

Anyway its kind of nice to be here at WordPress, since it has some cool themes and intuitive interfaces. I would also probably need to do some tweeking on top of it. Need to get down all my old entries from Weblogs (as if they are 🙂 priceless…), since its kinda boring to see an empty blog.

So here’s where you’ll hear me from now. www.manzi.net would also point you here. And I guess https://manzi.wordpress.com/feed/ would be what the aggregators want to know. Hee Hee.

See you around!