Expression to be on MSDN. **Wow**

April 4, 2007

Well, as a developer and being a part of the Microsoft family, one thing I cherish most is the the fact that Microsoft listens to our feedback awesomely well. And proving it right, this morning we heard another one of our very special requests (made by many in the MVP community) being fulfilled by Microsoft, by having the Expression Tools made available for MSDN subscribers.

Thanks to Soma, who has always been a close friend of the MVP community and rest of the dudes involved with Expression, we get to experience the tools of the future that would replace our line up of applications by the giants in the likes of Adobe and Macromedia…. in a bid to make WPF/e the de-facto of animations and ‘out-of-the-world user experiences’ on the web.

The breaking news on Soma’s Blog.


Steady State for a hassle free XP life

March 21, 2007

Now one of the cool things I came across at the MVP Global Summit in Seattle was this exciting little cool tool called “Windows Steady State” still in Beta. But apart from having a gorgeous lady presenting the demo, the tool itself was a definite catch for me.

Enter Steady State! It helps you to keep your Windows XP machine running the way you always want it to… clean & neat. Which means, no matter who uses your machine and what junk others put on your machine, you can always say “Abracadabra” and get back to  your preferred state with a simple reboot.

So if your PC is a shared machine, maybe you wont need to reformat your hard disk whenever something dirty gets in. Steady State put things back in place. I’m sure this is going to be ideal for people like me, who keep installing loads of crappy tools to tryout and then uninstall incompletely.

Oh and one more thing. Its gonna be free! Free for anyone who is a Genuine Windows User! Watch out for this space for the download link that would be made available this summer.

Windows Developer Power Tools… All in the same box!

March 19, 2007

Wondering what apps & tools to use to get those tweaks while developing? Well searching google can be a daunting task, cos you never know whats in the box until you open it, spend some time with it until you get your hands dirty.

But I found probably the best way to check them all out in just one place. Windows Developer Power Tools by James Avery & Jim Holmes from O’Reilly. You gotta have this babe!