Wasting Time……

May 19, 2008

This thought actually hit me when I was on Wela’s Blog. It surely proves to be a total waste of time.

To start with, I was just thinking about my daily routine and one of the top 5 first things I do in a given day includes taking a stroll down facebook before starting work. My wife has also hinted so many times that I eat up quality time by being on facebook. Well, in some sense, facebook is awesome. It keeps all those people whom you’d otherwise bump into, only in years (or even decades) connected to you. Apart from that we also see a whole load of them throwing cows at each other, poking, stalking other’s lifestyles, playing various absurd games, adding photos and tagging, viewing others’ friend’s & photos, searching for friends who have never used a computer before, adding people as friends even if you have only seen them just once in your life. Its altogether a social kick I would say and we end up doing all these for hours at the cost of other official work.

Not that its all bad. But coming to think of the heaps of time that is being wasted is pathetic. I know in my case and also from people around me both at work and outside…. that easily at least 1~2 hours of productive work time is wasted on Facebook, Hi5 and other social networking sites. Its funny when the staff in turn tell their bosses that the time estimated/allocated is not enough to complete assignments. Despite the need to attend to various other personal commitments doing working hours, they also now expect the company to allocate time for them to hang out on Facebook. LOL!

Loads of companies have already done it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest will also very soon deal with this trying to curb this damage to company resources, by blocking these sites and making it a company policy just like banning porn. So facebook will also very soon join the Banned Bandwagon in offices, who pay their employees to be effecient and not idle. Just like any other benefit, even Facebook if misused can become a pain to an organization.

Some nice articles that I was reading on this topic. I like the one which introduces a new feature in Facebook. “The SLAP”.. just like poking, the company can SLAP you on facebook when you get caught wasting time. LOL!



Facebook everywhere. Here’s FDT for .NET

August 31, 2007

Long time no write…. ha…  So, everyone’s hyped up about Facebook, the latest craze in Cyber World.

As you might already know, Codeplex has a Facebook Developer Toolkit project running which might be of interest for all .NET (VB + C#) developers out there. This contains .NET wrappers for the FB API.

Wanna try it out? Here’s something exciting I found at coding4fun. An Outlook Facebook addin.

Winds of Change: Time for some Sharepoint!

June 15, 2007

So it seems like some winds are coming in from a different direction towards me and I will gradually have to change the sails accordingly to keep up with it. Anyway this entry comes after quite some time away from the blog-o-sphere.

Lots of interesting stuff taking place at the meantime, like Sri Lanka losing to the Aussies in the World Cup. But the most interesting one, is that I just got through 70-630 : Configuring MOSS 2007 (with every little effort) after a 5 day bootcamp covering WSS 3.0 and MOSS2007 (**wink** some of the terms, even my wife will have to put up from now on….) and I guess I will be a MCTS on MOSS2007 configuration. Next Target: MOSS2007 Application Development (70-542)

Well, one thing I like in Sharepoint is that it supports some of the very things we try to implement in practical life to work with corporate information, just out of the box, in a very straight-forward way and with very little sweat. Mind you, the demand is very high cos the future of this empire of information collaboration looks very promising.

I know what you’re thinking…. No way… ASP.NET is and will always be the back-bone of Sharepoint Development. So I’m yet not ready to give up on it. And this is definitely not the right time to do that with some of the cool stuff like WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, Orcas & the Expression Suite taking its VIP seats in the arena. Then what about WCF and WF? … Well ….. I’m just another happy UI Guy!

Welcome…. WPF/e is now Silverlight

April 20, 2007

Oh Yes. After some time surfacing as what it was called “WPF/e” [e for Everywhere], its now officially renamed, “Silverlight”

Silverlight is the cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences on the Web. It surely supports Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer running on the Mac or on Windows.

Remember F.l.a.s.h? he hee….  I’ll tell you this will be greater!

You will need to get to know some WPF stuff for this. And using the Express Studio (Design & Blend) you are sure to design that super user experience Silverlight has to offer. Its all part of the .NET 3.0 generation.

Get to the Silverlight (formerly WPF/E) Dev Centre to start looking at it right now.

Expression to be on MSDN. **Wow**

April 4, 2007

Well, as a developer and being a part of the Microsoft family, one thing I cherish most is the the fact that Microsoft listens to our feedback awesomely well. And proving it right, this morning we heard another one of our very special requests (made by many in the MVP community) being fulfilled by Microsoft, by having the Expression Tools made available for MSDN subscribers.

Thanks to Soma, who has always been a close friend of the MVP community and rest of the dudes involved with Expression, we get to experience the tools of the future that would replace our line up of applications by the giants in the likes of Adobe and Macromedia…. in a bid to make WPF/e the de-facto of animations and ‘out-of-the-world user experiences’ on the web.

The breaking news on Soma’s Blog.

Mozy: your online storage

April 1, 2007

So you are one of those who carry your important files in your thumb (flash) drive right? Why not store it online instead and download it from wherever you want? Or you can just carry only the little mozy installer with you in your flash drive. The rest of your files will stay secure online.

And all this with upto 2GB of storage for FREE. Get it today from: www.mozy.com

Thanks to Merill for his post on Mozy…..

Testing in cross browsers simultaneously

January 26, 2007

So its this new project that we are about to kick off. And we’ve decided to go with IE7 and Firefox 2.0 as the target browsers.

Now this becomes a tricky situation to check each and every page in both browsers. But no worries, firefox has a cool add-on, which can open a new tab but in “IE” mode. ow I still have no idea which version of IE this is. But still when you right click on any link in FF2.0, you see an option “Open Link in IE Tab” and boom… you see a new IE Tab with the contents of the link you clicked.

IE Tab: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1419/

Wait, what if you are inside this IE Tab in Firefox and you want to go back to view that page in FireFox? No Worries… There is another add-on which will give you a new option to “View same page in Firefox”, while you are in an IE Tab.
Now this works both for pages opened purely in IE, as well as IE Tabs inside FireFox.

FireFox View: